Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has received a bad reputation over the years – they are often expensive to implement and to maintain, plus they may also be difficult to learn and to use. Unfortunately, as ERPs are critical for overall control and operation of businesses, companies often have little choice but to overspend on implementing traditional ERPs.

* ERPNext is positioned to change all that. It is an open source platform, which means there are no software licence fees. It is also a comprehensive cloud-based ERP platform with all the modules that are commonly found in traditional ERP suites. ERPNext was developed to make deployment and its use “simple”.  Its core modules include:

  • accounting
  • inventory
  • sales and purchase
  • manufacturing
  • asset management
  • projects
  • human resources
  • website
  • helpdesk
ERPNext v12 Desktop

In addition, ERPNext also offers solutions for most industries which include:

  • agriculture
  • distribution
  • education
  • healthcare
  • hospitality
  • manufacturing
  • not-for-profit
  • retail
  • services


J-Dea Solutions can offer ERPNext consulting and implementation for SMEs. Please contact us on [email protected] or +66 2 117 1891 for more information.


* Licence and Trademark: ERPNext and its logo are trademarks of Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The code for ERPNext is a published property of Frappe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and they have licensed their code under the GNU General Public Licence (v3) (open source software).